Donations Accepted

Our main aim is to help students save money, especially when college has become very expensive and tuition fees are soaring, graduates are getting buried in debt and the quality of education may not be improving by the same ratio as it’s cost.

Although textbooks are a small portion of the total cost, they alone can increase a student’s bill by thousands of dollars! That’s where we come in. We contact publishers, but mostly authors to try and get them to give us really good discounts. Our margins are very very thin (almost non-existant) and support, servers, website and getting books costs a lot of money!

We (and by connection thousands of students that use our services) would really appreciate it if you can support this cause in any way possible. We are now also asking for donations!

You can donate via cryptocurrency or via PayPal. There is no minimum right now and anything you send us helps towards lowering the prices of our ebooks so that end-users, i.e. the students, can actually benefit.

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