Communication Matters (3rd Edition) – eBook


  • Author: Kory Floyd
  • File Size: 74 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 496 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education; 3rd Edition
  • Publication Date: January 10, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01MTFH43Y
  • ISBN-10: 1259707768, 1259899837
  • ISBN-13: 9781259707766, 9781259899836


Communication Matters: Successful communicators are made not born. We all communicate all the time. Thus, many of us believe we’re professionals that good communication is based on personal instincts. In this extremely interactive program, college students learn to think through how they communicate instead of relying solely on their instincts. They develop the skills required to become effective communicators. Communication Matters, 3rd Edition(PDF) stimulates students to question their assumptions, challenges them to think critically about how and why they communicate in the techniques that they do and offers solid tools and takeaways that students can apply to communicate effectively even in hard situations. Through an adaptive reading experience with SmartBook student videos for public speaking and dynamic online activities, university students are motivated to consider which choices are likely to be effective and which less so.

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