Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (3rd Edition) by Berk, DeMarzo and Harford – eBook


  • Authors: Peter DeMarzo, Jonathan Berk, Jarrad Harford
  • File Size: 25 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 787 Pages
  • Publisher: Pearson; 3rd edition
  • Publication Date: January 15, 2014
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00HR7MM8M
  • ISBN-10: 0133762808, 013350767X, 1292068140, 0133762807, 1292018402, 0133507955
  • ISBN-13: 9781323363300, 9780133762807, 9780133507676, 9781292068145, 9780133762808, 9781292018409, 9780133507959, 9780133507829
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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 3rd Edition, (PDF) applied perspective reinforces your understanding of modern-day core principles, emphasizing problem-solving and real-life financial management practices—all in a clear valuation framework.

MyFinanceLab for DeMarzo/Berk/Harford’s Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 3e builds learning experiences that are truly personalized and continuously adaptive. MyFinanceLab responds to how students are actually performing, providing data-driven guidance that helps them better absorb course material and comprehend complex concepts—resulting in better performance in the course. A dynamic set of tools for evaluating individual and class progress means educators can spend less time grading and more time teaching.

This program will give a better teaching and learning experience. Here’s how:

  • Keep Your Course Current and Relevant: New exercises, examples, and statistics appear throughout the textbook.
  • Improve Results with MyFinanceLab: MyFinanceLab provides proven results in helping students succeed and provides engaging experiences that personalize learning.
  • Help Students Review and Implement Concepts: Examples and exercises assist students to practice and associate to real-world decisions being made today in today’s firms and policy debates.

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NOTE: The product only includes the ebook Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 3e in PDF. No access codes are included.