Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts (2nd Edition) – eBook


  • Author: Shelley D. Lane
  • File Size: 9 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 364 pages
  • Publisher: Routledge; 2nd edition
  • Publication Date: June 23, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01HGW64WW, B008ISI170, B011DBWJSA
  • ISBN-10: 0205663028
  • ISBN-13: 9780205663026


Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts, 2nd edition, PDF prepares college students to communicate successfully in today’s fast-paced and complex society through the implementation of a unique competence-building model. This highly readable textbook provides the concepts, theories,and applications in a pedagogically sound format based on a model of communication competence made up of three elements: knowledge, motivation, and skill.

Studying interpersonal communication through this distinct framework will provide a foundation for the students’ motivation to communicate competently, increase their knowledge about communication, and enhance their acquisition and performance of communication skills. Covering a broad range of interpersonal communication themes, including strategic alternatives and solutions to communication challenges and information about friendship, family, romantic, and workplace relationships, this 2nd Edition presents concepts, theories, and activities with many engaging examples and attention-getting design.

NOTE: This sale only includes Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts, 2e PDF. No online codes included.